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You may have heard that we won some awards recently.


One of those awards was for Best Use of Telephone, for Friends of the Earth’s Bees Need You campaign. A campaign we’re all very proud of here at Open.


Here is the final ad.


Here’s the first version that we took to FOE.


And here’s an image of both versions together.


Not much changed between concept and final artwork.


This ad did well because we worked with a brilliant client who gave us an excellent brief and it was a great idea that didn’t get watered down through the approval process.


And if I wanted to labour the point I’d show you the ad from the campaign that won Best Use of Telephone at the IOF awards in 2013.


Paul de Gregorio

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A lot of effort goes into gathering information for briefs before they even come into the Open studio. We’re often incredibly moved by the stories we hear and obviously hope to pass that feeling on to donors. But as I found on a recent field trip to Malawi with Sightsavers, nothing compares to seeing the impact of a charity’s work in the flesh.


In one amazing week, we followed a group of seven women as they were given sight-restoring operations for cataract. We visited their homes in remote villages and saw the devastating effects this common condition was having on their lives. We were with them as they underwent their surgeries. And we were there at the moment when they realised they could see again.


It was incredible to see first-hand how a straightforward 20-minute procedure can transform someone’s life. And here’s Beatrice immediately after her bandages were removed, giving thanks for the miracle gift of sight…




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…And we expect them to sell out pretty quickly, so get your ticket from SOFII as soon as you can! The last two annual IWITOT events have been afternoon’s packed full of fundraising passion and inspiration, and this year’s is shaping up to be the best ever!


Firstly, it’s at the Barbican Cinema room. An incredible venue, with comfy staggered seats for a clear view of the stage and air conditioning (finally).


I’m also really excited about the speakers we’ve got this year – we have an inspiring collection of names from a large range of fundraising backgrounds. You can see the SOFII site for the full list but I’ve had a sneak peak at what some are going to be talking about and I can’t wait for everyone to hear them. Of course, you’ll also get the chance to hear the fantastic talks from our 3 mentoring audition winners. So there’s going to be a LOT to draw fundraising inspiration from!


After the speakers have finished, we’ll be serving free drinks in the Barbican’s conservatory, which is a great chance to chat with other attendees and discuss all things fundraising over a glass of wine.


This all takes place on 16th September, and tickets are available on the SOFII site now!