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Probably not. Maybe it’s the finger. Maybe it’s the subject at hand (get it?).


Apparently, this ad could cause offence. I’m failing to understand how an advert that encourages the UK public to show solidarity and support for girls forced into child marriage can be offensive.


You could argue that not running this ad is offensive. That it’s offending all the girls in this world who have to suffer the misery of child marriage.


It’s probably offended the charity that works so tirelessly to end child marriage as well.


So here’s my finger, coupled with my support.




PS The Guardian had something to say about it as well.

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Recently, a number of charities have tried to use a twist on an Internet meme as a way into their cause but in my opinion none as well as the Salvation Army South Africa.


Hats off to them for turning two days of Internet confusion and work place arguments into this thought-provoking ad…







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4million copy3

At some point last week we hit the £4 million mark on Mobilise, our regular giving by SMS platform.


When we launched in August 2012 I was the second donor for the first client on the system and it took us about 13 months to raise the first million. This last million took just under 6 months.


We’re expecting the next one to come soon.


Paul de Gregorio