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I have a confession to make.


Every year at the IOF awards I scuttle around the tables, collect up the awards that our clients have won, take a picture of them together and then post it on Instagram. So my mum can see.


I failed this year – I only managed two. But given the egotism involved I’m not expecting any sympathy.


In my defence, this behaviour is driven by organisational rather than individual pride. But my low-res gong shots also miss a point that I now feel duty bound to make here.


Open didn’t win these awards. Teams in which we played a part did.


The Sightsavers Million Miracles Team included the good people at the charity, the wildly resourceful team at Fieldcraft and AJ Leon and his merry band of Misfits.


The UNICEF Commonwealth Games team (sitting on my table) included David Zolkwer at Jack Morton, Iain ‘Thompy’ Thompson and Jake Attwell at Appeal Films. And, of course, a great many people at UNICEF.


And last, but certainly not least, the No Makeup Selfie donor journey was a CRUK production with our own team mobile delivering tech, creative and a bit of strategy support.


So like I said, they’re not our awards. But I flatter myself that, literally and metaphorically, they’ve got our grubby fingerprints all over them.



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Do you like adorable cat videos?




Do you like supporting animal welfare charities and helping them care for and rescue aforementioned adorable cats?




Then watch the video above, because every view it receives earns half a penny, through Youtube’s paid advertising scheme, which goes directly to animal charities in the US – helping abused and neglected animals find loving new homes.


And every other video on the CharityAnimalTV channel earns money for animal charities too. So if a short clip of a cat pushing a pram gets eight millions views, $40,000 would go straight to charity – brilliant!


It’s a wonderful idea that takes something people already love to do online, and turns it into a neat little fundraising opportunity, without asking anyone to do anything other than enjoy themselves – now that’s how you do digital.


So get watching, sharing and ‘awwwing’!



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wetransfer background

Last year, we gave 3 young fundraisers the opportunity to win the support of a fundraising mentor and speak at I Wish I’d Thought Of That. This proved hugely popular, with some fantastic auditions and our 3 eventual winners presenting with infectious passion and character.
This year we want to do it all again! We’re inviting YOU to pitch the fundraising idea you’d wish you’d thought of to our three mentors:
Tobin Aldrich – former Director of Fundraising at WWF and founder of Direct Giving
Aline Reed – former Creative Director at Bluefrog
Tim Longfoot – Managing Director at Open Fundraising
We’re holding auditions on 30th or 31st July and we’ve allocated three speaker slots at IWITOT 2015 to the winning applicants – all of whom will receive one-to-one support from our mentors to help make their speech the best of the day!
This is a great chance to show the best minds of our industry exactly what you’re about. There’s a lot of talent out there, and we want to encourage it.
Email me to find out how to enter. Auditions are on 30th or 31st July. The closing date for entries is 27th July 2015. Good luck!