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For over ten years, Concern’s regular giving programme had been heavily reliant on street and door recruitment, but with increased competition and audience saturation, it was getting harder and harder to recruit efficiently. So we developed a new street and door proposition, with the primary objectives of increasing sign up rates and reducing non-starter and attrition rates.


A challenge for everyone… but one we all relished!


Our ‘Help a Child Grow Up’ campaign was born; and by focusing on the tragedy of global hunger, our proposition was simple, tangible and dramatic. It was a completely new approach, which saw fundraisers transformed into Community Health Workers. Armed with a bag full of props, they were ready to engage the public with our new offer.


Within hours of signing up, donors received a personalised SMS from their fundraiser, closely followed by an email and welcome call.


We then tested a new stewardship journey for the first six months. Using email and SMS, we were able to connect donors directly with beneficiaries, introducing them to a new child every month. We shared heart-warming case studies – as well as rich image and video content – in a way that was not only appealing to our donors, but also ensured engagement and impact were measurable.


Across the board, the campaign has been hugely successful. We’ve managed to breathe new life into a previously struggling channel, and we couldn’t be prouder.




And as if the results weren’t enough, last week our work picked up ‘Best Direct Marketing Campaign’ at the Fundraising Ireland Awards .


So here’s to a great client, great work and great results.







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When I started at Open I didn’t envisage the situation I find myself in today where there are more technical than client servicing people in the team.


And we need someone else to join this rapidly growing empire!


We’re spending a lot of time developing our own systems to enable increasingly sophisticated and incredible things on behalf of clients. We’re also spending more and more time integrating our systems with other agencies and systems both here, in the USA and in Australia.


So if you’re a back-end developer with a year’s experience of MYSQL/SQL Server or Oracle, working experience of PHP/Javascript and writing queries in SQL get in touch.


If you’re interested send us an email and we will send you a job description and details of the role.


Paul de Gregorio

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Three weeks ago we launched ActionAid Mums For Good, a new regular giving product with a very special feedback journey. Once you’ve signed up, you hear about the difference you are making on Facebook, directly from beneficiaries, in their own words.


Right now Rwandan mum Emerance is sharing her story, from struggling through the 1994 genocide and facing prejudice when her son was born with a cleft lip, to coping with extreme poverty.


Her English is broken. The life she describes is entirely unfamiliar. And yet, her beautifully and sincerely told story is utterly captivating.


Clearly, I’m not the only one moved by Emerance’s words. The Facebook page gained 3000 Likes – in three weeks.


It just goes to show that the very best stories we tell are our own – spoken from the heart.


ActionAid’s pride and confidence in their beneficiary’s story is a lesson to us all. Let more of them be told.